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11 Methods on How to Improve Cash Flow for a Small Business

Every phase of business cycle needs different operating strategies. Once the business starts prospering as a going concern, cash flows require a serious attention. Healthy balance sheets may simply crash if no check is present on cash flows. Liquidity of cash is utterly required to lubricate the business wheel. The minute this lubricant starts drying out, consequences will be evident. Working on each section of cash flow statement i.e. operating, investing and financing activities [...]

2018-05-18T09:52:48+00:00 January 7th, 2018|Accounting, Business|

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services Payroll department in any organization is one of those significant departments that call for vigilant handling. Payroll is much more than salary disbursement. Allocation and calculation of salaries, bonuses, benefits, and deductions are few examples of this wholesome tasks. Both time and energy are required in ample quantity to successfully accomplish these responsibilities. Larger organizations normally set up an entire payroll department to smooth out operations. Small businesses, however, [...]

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Top 3 Retail Industry Challenges

Retail is the most client engaging industry. Customer check-ins are more than just buying and selling the main product. The retail industry owes its foundations to strong supply chain management, costing, and managerial efficiency and customer satisfaction. It is exposed to unique challenges since it is both capital and labour intensive. Regardless of the scale of operations of the retail store, following are the top 3 challenges faced by the retail industry: Managing Cash Flow: [...]

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4 Small Business Bookkeeping Tasks That You Can Outsource

The struggle of small business owners is peculiar in its own way. Every single day is committed to plenty of to-do task and still a pile of pending works. The responsibility for too many tasks shifts the focus from core concerns. Strategic goals that embark the business empire should not be taken for granted. Prioritization is the key. Ventures that solely demand owner’s presence like the capital arrangement and decision making should be focussed [...]

2018-05-18T09:46:03+00:00 November 16th, 2017|Bookkeeping, Business|

Top 10 Business Growth Ideas

Business growth is simply achieving big numbers. This normally entails refining some business measures and practices. Businesses acquire growth either with improved sales by targeting top line or with cost cutting by focusing on the bottom line. A good entrepreneur always looks for effective time management. Business growth and development is not a matter of luck, it comes to those who struggle with it. In this article, we will discuss top 10 business growth ideas [...]

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In-house vs Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services

Accounting is the heartbeat of any business so this department duly needs significant consideration. Every business is exposed to different challenges so there is no rule of thumb to dictate accounting and finance strategies. An ongoing debate regarding set up of permanent accounts department VS outsourcing has always confused business owners. It is important to understand that for some businesses, in-house bookkeeping is a necessary evil. Businesses who can avail any of these need [...]

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Top six qualities to look for while choosing your small business bookkeeper

A good balance sheet standing and steady growth are the two principal goals of small business ventures. Investigations reveal that poor bookkeeping is one of the main contributory factors to frequent failures. Bookkeeping management is a hotspot area in any business that needs prime importance. Tracking all monetary activities and cash flows are essentially vital for any business. Presence of an efficient bookkeeper can translate all these monetary objectives into reality. Why Selecting Your Small [...]

2017-10-18T23:36:58+00:00 October 18th, 2017|Accounting, Bookkeeping|

Importance of Accounting for Small Businesses

Accounting is the part and parcel of any successful business. Those who don’t acknowledge its importance bear the brunt sooner or later. Documenting stacks of records is required to keep monetary transactions in-line. Accounting has an immense implication on business and is not limited to recording income and expenditure only. Proper accounting practices not only highlight potential growth areas but also synchronize profitability goals for small businesses. Let’s dig deeper to unleash importance of accounting: [...]

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